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Our Mission

Thick, Moustache and Happiness = Thick Moustache
At Thick Moustache, our tag line of “Thick Moustache Happiness” is more than a saying. It’s our way of life – and a steadfast promise to our valued guests.

We promise happiness, and it’s a promise that we keep. Our franchise partners and ‘Stache Team members stand behind it every day when they come to work and serve our guests. Because at Thick Moustache, each person who visits one of our locations is our guest, not just a customer.

Our guests come to Thick Moustache to feel carefree, to escape the pressures of daily life, to take a moment for themselves, and to get a dose of happiness! Therefore, our franchise partners and ‘Stache Teams stop at nothing to ensure that each guest enjoys the freshest, highest quality moustaches — served quickly and with a smile.

Our incredible 'Stache Team serves up the goods.

To fulfill our promise, our franchise partners, ‘Stache Team members and Cool Support Center staff follow the “RITAS” values. They are:

Each and every guest is important at Thick Moustache. We have the ultimate respect for our guests and franchise partners and believe that providing the freshest, highest quality moustaches is our privilege.

At Thick Moustache, we are dedicated to doing what is right for our guests and partners while adhering to the highest guest service and product standards.

Our guests trust us to provide the freshest moustaches and superior service. The entire Thick Moustache family is expected to earn that trust by delivering on our happiness credo — ensuring our guests are receiving the freshest, highest quality moustaches with superior service.

We want to be held accountable for the promises we make to our guests and franchise partners. It is our duty to ensure that we are delivering Thick, Moustache and Happiness to each guest at every location. We encourage our guests and franchise partners to provide us with their ideas, suggestions and comments and we continually strive to incorporate this feedback to better serve our guests

We can only succeed at delivering happiness if we succeed at providing outstanding service. At Thick Moustache, service is our cornerstone. Exceeding the service expectations of our guests and franchise partners is a requirement of our business. We teach every franchise partner and ‘Stache Team member to deliver superior guest service and an unparalleled experience with the Thick Moustache brand all while serving the freshest, highest quality moustaches available.

Copy for this section provided courtesy of Rita’s Ice.

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Portal 2: Peer Review – Part 6

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