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Celebrating the Holidays

Posted by Asif on December 15th, 2011

Santa is coming to town, if you know what I mean, kids.

On most websites, the holiday season is marked by a flurry of new updates, usually in the form of a list of the year’s best things, or some hastily put together holiday-themed post – probably a top ten list – in which Santa makes an appearance just to reinforce the creepy, omnipresent nature of an old unkempt man, who likes to have kids sit on his lap and tell him their deepest desires. Well, after some discussion amongst ourselves, we’ve decided to blaze our on trail and steer clear of the pedophilia craze that seems to be so popular these days. Flying in the face of convention, we’ll be commemorating the holiday season by doing far less than what you’ve come to expect and taking a short break from podcasting.

Honestly, talking in front of a microphone and saying whatever pops into our heads is hard work. Additionally, with all of the top ten lists being produced all over the Internet that we have to read, we basically don’t have the time to record a podcast. That said, you can still expect the usual torrent of updates to continue. That mostly means that you can keep enjoying our weekly video where you watch us play a videogame. It’s basically like playing a videogame yourself, but if you remove the game and just keep the video part. If that’s not enough for you, feel free to hold a 360 controller in your hands and make dumbass comments; it’ll be like we’re playing together.

The podcast will be back shortly. While you’re waiting, have a nice whatever it is you might be celebrating. If you’re like me and are celebrating absolutely nothing, feel free to continue responding “you too” to anyone who wishes you a happy holiday and not mean it.

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