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Man, we suck at running contests

Posted by David on January 19th, 2012

Weeks ago, before the holiday break, you may remember we ran a Photoshop contest, involving Sean and some amount of Saint’s Row: The Third.

We sifted through virtually dozens of entries, by which I mean two, and pulled out some winners.

First, our second place entry by no other than Brian Belida of

Looks like he needs his diaper changed, but he's not wearing a diaper.

For his gallant effort, Brian will be winning a spanking new copy of DustForce on Steam.

Our first place winner was Yuri of the Hex 19 Geekcast for the following classiness:

Sean Draper always knows what he's doing... making everyone in the room incredibly uncomfortable.

While Yuri’s entry technically wasn’t an entry for that contest, it warmed my cold heart with so much Sean Draper goodness, that Yuri won the coveted grand prize, a sexy new copy of Saint’s Row: The Third on Steam!

Thanks for your entries, guys, and keep up the fantasticness. We’ll also be talking about this and more on the podcast next week.

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