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Posted by David on October 6th, 2011

This Tuesday, join us as we interview Chris Trew, the Co-Owner | Head Writer | Musician | Producer/Actor of Studio8! You might remember Studio8 as the collective of madmen behind Tommy Wiseau-fueled works, The House That Drips Blood on Alex and The Tommy Wi-Show.

As Chris’s site puts it:

Terp2it/Chris Trew is a nationally touring comedian, rapper, actor, improv teacher and world heavyweight champion of the world. He’s performed at almost every comedy festival in the country and is a founding member of The New Movement, owners and operators of comedy training centers and theater in Austin and New Orleans. He is the host of the Air Sex World Championships and founder of Studio8, a sketch comedy group who’s appeared on Comedy Central. A writer for the Austin Chronicle once said “Chris Trew is out of his fucking mind.” Continue reading for more information (and links) on Chris’ projects.

Chris has been performing sketch comedy with Studio8 since 2000. They’ve appeared at several film festivals and often on Comedy Central’s Atom TV. They’ve produced a feature-length film, a weekly satirical newspaper at Louisiana State University and continue to put out new material every week on their website. Some favorites are here and here and here and below. One time a reporter from the Onion A.V. Club saw Chris perform and said that he “boldly explores that blurry line between humor and performance art.”

With a résumé like that, we’ll have quite a few questions for Mr. Trew. Obviously, we’re excited to have such an epically Thick Moustachioed fellow joining us on the ‘StacheCast, so listen in Tuesday, October 11th. Your entertainment cajones will thank you.

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