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Battlefield 3: Distracting me With Gorgeous Destruction

Posted by Sean on July 25th, 2011

The parts of my brain still capable of rational thought just shut off every time I see gameplay footage from Battlefield 3. I should be annoyed by the focus on scripted events instead of robust, dynamic gameplay. I should point out that the length of the single-player campaign is probably a lot shorter than anyone will like. And I should be critical of Electronic Art’s attempt to wring extra money out of us all by slicing off 20% of this game and selling it to us as downloadable content.

But then, I watch tanks leaping into and over fresh artillery craters in a beautifully-rendered desert. My eyes glaze over as high-definition cluster bombs detonate overhead and A-10s gracefully strafe hostile rocket artillery. Every explosion looks like it was ripped right out of footage from Operation Desert Storm. Rational critique seeps out of the bottom of my brain and I immediately begin looking for someone’s money to throw at EA. Damn you, fallible human psyche. Damn you to hell.

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