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Canabalt ripped off for marginal profits

Posted by Asif on May 6th, 2011

Canabalt is one of my favorite games about running, jumping, and dying a lot. It kind of pioneered its entire genre of constant-motion survival games. You can play the online version here.

The iPhone version went open source a while back. Now, some jackass has recompiled the code and thrown it onto the App Store as Free Running. The company, PDL Soft, went so far as to steal all of the positive reviews Canabalt received and posted them on the Free Running page, which is like stealing a popular person’s yearbook and desperately pretending your peers care if you have a good summer and never, ever change.

BREAKING NEWS: While I was searching for a link to the Free Running page, so you could witness this blatant theft, I discovered that the game has been taken down. That’s good news if you hate terrible people.

MORE BREAKING NEWS: It’s being reported that PDL Soft has been razed to the ground by a fire, while the entire staff was inside. Our heartfelt condolences to the families of all PDL Soft employees. Your mommy/daddy was really great at her/his job, kid. Though, they never mentioned you.

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