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China Opens “Unlicensed” Warcraft/Starcraft Amusement Park

Posted by Sean on July 21st, 2011

It’s called “World Joyland” and it’s a 600-acre amusement park devoted entirely to videogames. Motivating hardcore gamers to shamble around a 600-acre themepark is an ambitious goal, and to help realize it they have created massive Starcraft and Warcraft sections.

I assumed that in order to create an entire theme park devoted to someone’s intellectual property, you would have to get their permission. It’s kind of the point of having an intellectual property. But not in China, apparently! The two sections in question are named “Universe of Starship” and “Terrain of Magic”, complete with fake Protoss and monsters that look an awful lot like Warcraft’s various mystical denizens.

This kind of thing may work for bootlegged copies of The Matrix: Reloaded, but is Blizzard Entertainment really going to just ignore this? I hope not. Not because I care, but because the resulting lawsuit would be kind of hilarious.


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