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EVE Online Adds Microtransactions, Forgets the “Micro” Part

Posted by Sean on June 24th, 2011

Anyone who plays a lot of online games is familiar with the concept of microtransactions – paying a small amount of real money for an in-game item. Game companies obtain more of our delicious money, and those of us with more cash than free time can enjoy the game as much as the mole-men who spend 16 hours playing games in their parents’ basements.

The latest expansion of famous spreadsheet simulator EVE Online introduces microtransactions in the form of a futuristic clothing store. Players can now purchase wonderous space-age fashion accessories such as the “t-shirt”, “pants”, and “monocle”. However, it appears that someone forgot the meaning of “micro” when pricing these items. Some accessories cost more money than their real-world counterparts.

Want to buy a gray shirt for your virtual pilot? That’ll be twenty bucks. That monocle I mentioned earlier? It costs over $70. For that much money, I could purchase real monocles. For an entire family. Of spiders.

[Source: Joystiq]

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