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Fall of the British Empire

Posted by Asif on July 20th, 2011

I want to punch this man in the face. I'm sure he's pretty nice, though.

The British used to control most of the world. Now, their biggest export is a magical wizard boy, who grows into a magical wizard man, who then waves his magical wizard man meat on a stage, while a crowd of consenting adults look on.

How far could this downward spiral go? Now that the Harry Potter films are over, there’s no telling what kind of depravity we’re in for. But if videogame sales in the UK are any indication, a dark future lies ahead of England. Apparently, Zumba Fitness, the latin and international dance fitness game, has topped the charts for five consecutive weeks. While this news is a huge victory for the people who make money off of the sweaty, chubby masses, it’s another major blow to English hegemony. The British went from trying to rule the world to hoping the amorphous lump in the seat of their pants eventually looks like a human ass.

[Source: VG247]

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