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Floating Island Realm Coming to Minecraft

Posted by Sean on May 19th, 2011

As revealed in a recent tweet by Minecraft creator Markus Persson, the popular indie game will eventually feature a third realm that will consist of large islands floating in the sky. I can’t wait to fall to my death while building some ridiculous structure on one of them.

No one has any idea what is planned for this new realm, but as a huge fan I’m  hoping it will contain new ores and creatures in addition to new, exotic ways of getting myself killed. Will there be native peoples on the islands that I can wipe out with the indiscriminate use of air support and napalm? I can only hope.

[Source: Twitter]

One Response to Floating Island Realm Coming to Minecraft

  1. I wonder if he bagged this or if it’s still in development because there’s nothing like this in 1.8.

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