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Hulu Plus coming to Wii, and other things you probably shouldn’t care about

Posted by David on October 21st, 2011

Mmmm... smells like content.

Can you smell that? The excitement. In the air. It hangs over this announcement as a fine musk. As sort of a sultry fog that reminds me of the bathrooms in junior high or the aroma of a paper mill that wafts over the area, making everything smell like rotten eggs and farts.

Sure, your brain gets excited because your nose is receiving new information, but the fact remains that it still fucking stinks, which is exactly what Hulu does.

The good news is that you may be able to watch some new things on your Wii and/or 3DS soon. The bad news is that, unless huge changes have been made, Hulu Plus is still a bag of trash.

[Source: Techcrunch]

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