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Quit making excuses with your face and play video games.

Posted by David on August 3rd, 2011

Get some, Grandma!

In his column for, We’ve Got Game, Jeff Luger illustrates just how cheap our beloved video gaming hobby truly is. Quick! Look at these numbers that Jeff Luger typed with his hands and fingers!

Let’s look at a few examples:

  • My own playtime for the original inFamous is around 25 hours (a fairly typical playtime). That comes out to around $2.75/hour at the $60 full price.
  • On Fallout 3 I logged in about 100 hours, including all the DLC packs. Since the combined cost was about $100, I paid about $1 per hour of fun. RPGs often provide triple digit hours of gameplay.
  • Online-enabled titles are where the ratio of price to gameplay truly shines. My Xbox Live friend A BRONX BRAWLER has almost 36 days of time logged into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Do the math—it’s 864 hours. For every hour of fun, he’s paid less than 7¢. Where’s a better deal to be had than that?

Dude! It’s like they’re practically giving the games away, but wait, there’s more!

Do you smoke a pack a day? At $7.50/pack, giving up the habit would cover the above initial start-up costs in 110 days and after that easily allow for two new full-price game purchases per month and leave you about enough money for a tank of gas.

Do you need that $4 latte every morning? You could get regular coffee and save enough each month for one new game (and reduce your fat intake to boot!).

In the spirit of ensuring your continued video game addiction, I’d like to point out some other things that cost way more than video games.

  • Eating
  • Owning a cat
  • Dating
  • Owning a dog
  • American Health Care
  • Heroin
  • Owning a child
  • Spending time with the stupid child you own
  • Fighting cancer

Look, the reason people spend money on things is because they find value in the return they get for them. Say, the caffeine boost they get from their morning latte, or the full-body orgasm they get from shooting up with their awesome heroin. In the case we’re talking about, people play video games because it’s a damn fine time.

But really, who’s holding out on buying an Xbox because they’re afraid to drop $300, or that they think the hobby is too expensive overall? If anything, it’s that they simply don’t want to play video games (because they’re boring), or they can’t afford to drop the money (because they’re poor).

The point that Jeff Luger is trying to make is that you should buy video games. I agree, they’re totally fun. The point that I’m trying to make is that Jeff Luger is stupid.


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