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Team Bondi Led By a Fat, Angry, Bald Man

Posted by Asif on July 5th, 2011

You wouldn't like him when he's angry, which is all the time.

In that picture, L.A. Noire boss Brendan McNamara doesn’t look so bad. He kind of looks like he might be fun to hang out with if your idea of a good time is competitive eating or shaving your head completely once male pattern baldness kicks in. Apparently, looks can be deceiving, except for the parts about hair loss and eating too much. That’s obviously true.

As news leaks out that Rockstar won’t be publishing Team Bondi’s next game, evidence is also mounting that Brendan McNamara might be some sort of awful dick. I take no pleasure in call any man a massive boner, but it sounds like McNamara might deserve it.

An article on is full of amazing quotes about the man, the myth, the massive human boner: Brendan McNamara. One source who worked at Team Bondi called McNamara “the angriest man I’ve ever met”. If you’re keeping score at home, please update your Brendan McNamara scorecards to read “massive, raging human boner”.

Another former co-worker called him “a huge bully with no talent, vision or management skill”. Again, update your scorecards to read “massive, talentless, raging human boner”. Thank you.

[Source: vg247]

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