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Will a New Law Make Streaming Video Games Illegal?

Posted by Sean on July 7th, 2011


But that is what a lot of people are reporting about Senate Bill S.798. The bill¬†does¬†increase the penalty for streaming copyrighted material, but that law has never applied to video games, and there’s no indication that it ever will.

YouTube makes a lot of ad revenue from streaming games. If they were worried, their lobbyists would descend upon congress like a plague of money-throwing locusts, and Capital Hill would drown under a flood of irate, idiotic youtube commentors with poorly-spelled signs. It would be like the internet version of a Tea Party rally.

So, let’s all just chill the hell out.

[Source: Bloomberg]

2 Responses to Will a New Law Make Streaming Video Games Illegal?

  1. I personally want to see a YouTube protest now. I keep picturing signs that say stuff like “fake and gay” or “ur mom sux cox” or just “lol.”

    Oh my god. I am so going to go make a sign that says “LOL” on it now.

    • I imagine a gigantic mob of angry teenagers yelling at each other and everyone around them. Congressmen would lose the will to resist after trying to moderate the thousandth evolution vs. creation non-sequitur on Capitol Hill.

      It’d be like a Tea Party protest ran by the internet.

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