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Let’s Play Minecraft! Trial of the Old Ones – Part 3

Posted by Asif on July 14th, 2011

There appears to be a saboteur among the crew, carefully laying traps and, less carefully, hitting them over the head repeatedly. Will the adventurers figure out who amongst their ranks is either a devious scoundrel or, more likely, a complete idiot? Probably. It’s really easy to point him out when he’s hitting you in the face over and over again.

One Response to Let’s Play Minecraft! Trial of the Old Ones – Part 3

  1. Your voices at the end during the replay thing sound exactly like some of the characters from red vs blue, especially the earlier seasons of it.

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One Last Missive

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Portal 2: Peer Review – Part 6

Portal 2: Peer Review – Part 6

Seriously, let's play Portal 2.

6. “Urine?”
Big surprise, we solved some puzzles. Bigger surprise? We didn’t spend a good fifteen minutes staring at the walls in hopes of figuring it out. Yup, we really had our genius hats on for this one, right up until our enlarged genius-brain filled heads couldn’t fit through the exit door. Then we took off our genius caps and promptly realized we were still morons.