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Professor Grizwald & the Redstone Keys – Part 2

Posted by Asif on September 23rd, 2011

Let's Play Minecraft!

2. “The Puzzle Genius Society”

We came prepared for adventure, but instead we found our super smart adventuring minds pitted against puzzles for nerds. I guess you win this round, Mr. College Degree in Mathonomics. You also win this round if you’re a button, because sometimes they’re hard to press. In addition, slimes also win this round. If I’ve failed to mention you by name just assume you won, too.

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One Last Missive

One Last Missive

A transmission for those who are lost.

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Portal 2: Peer Review – Part 6

Portal 2: Peer Review – Part 6

Seriously, let's play Portal 2.

6. “Urine?”
Big surprise, we solved some puzzles. Bigger surprise? We didn’t spend a good fifteen minutes staring at the walls in hopes of figuring it out. Yup, we really had our genius hats on for this one, right up until our enlarged genius-brain filled heads couldn’t fit through the exit door. Then we took off our genius caps and promptly realized we were still morons.