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Professor Grizwald & the Redstone Keys – Part 10

Posted by Asif on November 20th, 2011

Let's Play Minecraft!

10. “Going Home”
Our quest finally comes to an end, but not before things go terribly wrong. Repeatedly. We tried not to cheat, but when push came to shove and a wall of lava engulfed David, we started cheating like there was no tomorrow. We held out for as long as possible, but there’s only so much Minecraft-related adventure any one group of people can take before deciding that they’d rather take part in the real life adventure of getting out of their chairs before their leg muscles atrophy. So, in the end, cheating won and so did we.

[As usual, we're joined by Brian Belida of]

2 Responses to Professor Grizwald & the Redstone Keys – Part 10

  1. Final Countdown =/= Rocky Theme! :D

    • I’m chalking up Brian’s embarrassing display – mentioning “Final Countdown”, then immediately humming the Rocky theme song – to having adventured too hard for too long.

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