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Professor Grizwald & the Redstone Keys – Part 8

Posted by Asif on November 5th, 2011

Let's Play Minecraft!

8. “Dirty Lying Cheaters”
We escape from the challenge of blowing things up inside a volcano, like lunatics with a death wish, only to find ourselves smack dab in the middle of more adventure. Before we embark on a completely gratuitous mine cart ride, we try and assess the limerick contest submissions. It turns out the Internet is full of cheaters and liars. Good work, guys. The only prize you’re getting is testicular cancer, which we’ll be mailing to your homes.

[As usual, we're joined by Brian Belida of]

4 Responses to Professor Grizwald & the Redstone Keys – Part 8

  1. Atop a blocky hill stood a Steven.
    He toiled away til the evenin’
    until from behind came a blast from a mine,
    so he said “fuck that! I’m leavin’”.

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