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Professor Grizwald & the Redstone Keys – Part 9

Posted by Asif on November 11th, 2011

Let's Play Minecraft! And solve more puzzles, I guess. If we have to.

9. “Not a Dong”
We enter the home stretch, just in time to solve more puzzles involving placing blocks of wool. It was hard to contain our excitement or our desire to maybe just jump in a pit of lava and call it a day, but somehow, with a little help from our old friend TNT, we pulled through. It all leads into an exciting conclusion where we resurrect the corpse of Professor Grizwald with voodoo magic, so we can kick him in the crotch.

[As usual, we're joined by Brian Belida of]

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Big surprise, we solved some puzzles. Bigger surprise? We didn’t spend a good fifteen minutes staring at the walls in hopes of figuring it out. Yup, we really had our genius hats on for this one, right up until our enlarged genius-brain filled heads couldn’t fit through the exit door. Then we took off our genius caps and promptly realized we were still morons.