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Trial of the Old Ones – Part 6

Posted by Asif on August 5th, 2011

6. Into the Depths
Darkness falls and the gang holes up in the stinky innards of the Sphinx. Even safely encased in its rib cage the dudes can’t help but die a few times. What’s causing these deaths? After taking a nasty fall, then exploding, David gets really paranoid and accusations fly. Was it old man Sean dressed as ghoul George Washington? Not really, but he still looks guilty as hell.

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One Last Missive

One Last Missive

A transmission for those who are lost.

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Portal 2: Peer Review – Part 6

Portal 2: Peer Review – Part 6

Seriously, let's play Portal 2.

6. “Urine?”
Big surprise, we solved some puzzles. Bigger surprise? We didn’t spend a good fifteen minutes staring at the walls in hopes of figuring it out. Yup, we really had our genius hats on for this one, right up until our enlarged genius-brain filled heads couldn’t fit through the exit door. Then we took off our genius caps and promptly realized we were still morons.