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A Quick Look: Transformers: Dark of the Moon in IMAX 3D

Posted by David on June 30th, 2011

Optimus Prime wrecks shit.

Sean and I had the mind-numbing pleasure of watching Transformers: Dark of the Moon in IMAX 3D last night, and I have to say, I owe Michael Bay an apology gift. This isn’t to say that Transformers wasn’t confusing visually at times, or that the plot wasn’t contrived, or that the movie didn’t throw out the ol’ deux ex machina like it was giving away T-shirts at a ball game.

This is to say that I had a damn good time. It took my optic nerves a full hour to stop vibrating at Bay speed. I’m pretty sure I lapsed into some sort of explosion-induced, drooling fugue state at least twice during the climactic action sequence.

The best way I can describe Transformers 3 is the following: it was a spectacle.

I’ll also say this: see it in 3D, see it in a good theater, and your best bet is going to be IMAX. The reason I definitely recommend 3D (at a good theater) is that I simply can’t imagine being able to process the sheer amount of explosions and mayhem being thrown directly at your face unless you’re able to split the chaos into separate dimensions.

This movie was made for 3D. A friend had seen it in 2D the night before, and as he watched it, he lamented, “I should be watching this in 3D”. Last night’s screening confirmed his lamentations.

And with this, it’s finally happened. Michael Bay’s movies have officially become too insane for 2D.

Should you watch it? If you’re willing to drop $20 on IMAX 3D tickets, yes. Otherwise, probably not. I just can’t imagine that this level of chaos will be able to be conveyed clearly in any other way. But if you’re a fan of hardcore, robot fist in robot grill action, you’ll probably dig it.

Hell, I’d watch it again for the insane car chase sequence alone. But maybe that’s because I’m still trying to balance my adrenaline levels…

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