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Michael Bay to save 3D?

Posted by David on June 28th, 2011

This summer, Michael Bay is a man on a mission. That mission? To save 3D movies. *cue massive explosions*

The first leg of his assault was to send a letter to the projectionists. Of course, this effort may already be a wash, as the projectionists he speaks of barely exist anymore. In most modern theaters, it’s an assistant manager who runs the projectors. Or, as you know him, the guy you yell at for refunds before he calls his boss.

I won’t say that Bay’s letter wasn’t a nice gesture. In fact, it’s everything I want to hear from Hollywood directors: concern for the moviegoer and quality of the picture. I respect the hell out of that. To be clear, I don’t respect Michael Bay. I respect that he cares, but I suspect he cares because it makes him boatloads of money.

Either way, he’s making a valid attempt to legitimized 3D movies. He’s willing to not only call other 3D movies crap, but go to lengths to make sure his new movie gets shown properly, including shipping super-bright prints of the film to theaters capable of projecting them. What wasn’t specified was whether these prints were delivered via cargo drop from an exploding B2 bomber. In slow motion.

Does it mean Transformers: Dark of the Moon is going to be any good? No. Of course not. Did you see Transformers 2? (Full disclosure: I didn’t watch it, but maybe I should considering my interests.)

While it’s possible that I’m completely wrong about what will likely be a veritable orgy of confusing, robot-related violence, I’ll say this: I will watch Transformers 3(D!) and if I enjoy it, I will personally send Michael Bay a box of assorted fireworks as an “I’m sorry” bouquet. If that’s not legal, I’ll send him a box of chocolates with tiny explosions painted on top.

Will he save 3D? Who knows. Might it actually be worth watching the effort? I’ll let you know if my eyeballs don’t explode.

[Source: USA Today]

Update: It’s worth mentioning that there’s a thread on Reddit discussing Michael Bay’s letter to projectionists. So apparently, this was less “first strike” and more “going through the motions” than I previously thought.

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