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Sarah Palin’s documentary is a movie

Posted by David on July 18th, 2011

This is almost certainly the poster for the movie The Undefeated

I’m confused… the LA Times simply explains, “Why Sarah Palin documentary ‘The Undefeated’ isn’t a hit“. Meanwhile, CBS News states, “Sarah Palin documentary has modest opening“. Finally, Fox News takes a decidedly more positive look, stating Creators of Sarah Palin Documentary ‘The Undefeated’ Declare Box-Office Victory, Report Says. This report submitted late, straight from some reporter’s ass.

Now, based on the headlines alone, how did the Sarah Palin documentary The Undefeated do at the box office over the weekend?

Bias in the media aside, I can confidently claim that The Undefeated is a movie in which things happened, and that some people went to see the film, while others didn’t.

Good to know and thanks for nothing, News. Now I’m going to have to learn how to form my own opinion on Sarah Palin and her stupid movie.

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