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Schwarzenegger’s “Secret Kid” scandal won’t affect his movies

Posted by David on May 18th, 2011

This is obviously good news for any self-respecting Schwarzenegger fan (you, namely), but his “love child” scandal won’t affect production of his new movies, and really why should it? He’s a movie star, if he doesn’t have a secret kid or two, he’s been doing it wrong. Really, my biggest gripe here is that he didn’t drift far enough away from home.

He’s got his own private jet and he can’t get some strange in a foreign country? That’s just lazy. Plus, she’s not even hot.

Lady who popped out a mini-Terminator

Meanwhile, the press drawing lazy parallels between Schwarzenegger’s life and a fictional superhero character The Governator.

The Governator is keeping his crime-fighting identity a secret from his wife, Maria, and their kids.

Schwarzenegger kept a kid a secret from his wife, Maria, and their kids.

The main difference here is that one is a child from boning a housekeeper, and the other is being a goddamned superhero. You can be a superhero and a devoted family man, but if you’re sleeping around with the maid, that devoted family man thing flies out the window.

C’mon, press! Wow me for a week by not writing crap like this.

[Source: Reuters]

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