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The Rules

Posted by David on June 14th, 2011

Many of you may already be familiar the following video, featuring an outraged (and stupid) patron of the Alamo Drafthouse:

In an article for CNN, Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League lays out the rest of the rules for his theater. While clarifying his motives for founding the Alamo, he details his issues with most multiplexes. League lists several reasons, among them:

  • Advertisements before movies
  • Idiotic parents dragging their loud kids along to theaters (especially to R-rated features)
  • Unattended jackass teenagers
  • Dick-bag patrons in general

It’s no wonder Mr. League was looking to do something different.¬†Not only are the Alamo’s rules awesome, but they describe a movie-going experience all cinemas should strive for: a business that punishes the douche bags who are ruining it for everyone else. This isn’t your living room, jackass. Text your ugly girlfriend on your time, not mine.

It’s no wonder this video has gone viral. People are aching to return to a time when going to the movies didn’t suck. Is it possible? Yes. Alamo Drafthouse is proving just that, and I wish them continued success. May they strike the heads from the megaplexes and bring us back to a glorious time when people found it rude to talk during a movie, let alone wave around a goddamned, glowing rectangle.

Does this sound unlikely? Sure. But is it possible? Absolutely. After all, anything is possible in the Magnited States of America!

[Source: CNN]

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