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Viewers in Cannes flee due to horrific violence and sexuality

Posted by David on May 23rd, 2011

The film, The Skin I Live In, is the first thing I’ve heard of Antonio Banderas making in a while that didn’t involve Shrek, but a gander at his IMDB page reveals he’s been doing a bunch of straight-to-DVD movies here in the U.S.¬†One of these movies, Thick as Thieves, featured Morgan Freeman. They played saucy latin music every time Banderas did almost anything. If this sounds like a lazy, borderline racist joke about Antonio Banderas, let me assure you, it’s not. Because they actually did this in the film. If anyone is lazy and borderline racist, it’s director¬†Mimi Leder. Ay Chihuahua.

I’m assuming The Skin I Live In is Banderas’ attempt to reenter the world of serious cinema, as the movie is about a surgeon (Banderas) whose daughter kills herself after being raped. The surgeon then kidnaps his daughter’s rapist, pantses him before mocking his penis size, gives him a sex change, transplants his dead daughter’s face onto the sex-changed rapist, then rapes the rapist who now looks like his own daughter. Now, here’s a fun game. You figure out what part of that l made up.

To quote the Fox News article:

“It was the fact that the victim was supposed to look like the doctor’s daughter. I couldn’t stop picturing the girl in the beginning of the movie when he was in bed with her, with him, later,” said filmgoer Marie-Elise Martin who left three-quarters of the way through the picture.

Here’s the trailer if you’re looking for something to watch with your girlfriend/wife/forcibly transgendered captive.

[Source: Fox News]

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