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Who the Hell Asked for a Spider-Man Reboot?

Posted by Sean on July 21st, 2011

I’m pretty sure that no one did, but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood’s script sweatshops from crapping one out. I’m no big-city Hollywood marketing executive, but I’m pretty sure that a “reboot” requires that the viewing public doesn’t confuse the new movie with a really low-budget sequel. Seeing ads for this is just going to remind me of all the ass¬†Spider Man 3 sucked.

Based on the trailer, the best plot device they could come up with is an tortured, emo Peter Parker with daddy issues to replace the lovable, nerdy Peter Parker with I-can’t-talk-to-hot-chicks issues. You don’t have to guess which one I relate to better.

UPDATE:¬†Looks like our friends at Sony didn’t just rehash the Spider-Man story, they ripped off choreography from Mirror’s Edge. The video is below. Seriously guys?

[Source: Sony Pictures]

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