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Episode 33: The Case of the Pastry Pervert

Posted by David on February 14th, 2012

A menagerie of pastries to make any pervert drool.

We review evidence regarding Sean’s near miss with a Devil’s Threesome, talk about David’s weekend movie marathon (including Horrible Bosses, Harold & Kumar 3D, and 50/50), Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, and some boring game Sean played.



  • It was Double Trouble!

    Wasted youth. POP-POP!

  • Horrible Bosses trailer:
  • Harold & Kumar:
  • Party Down, both seasons, on Netflix. GO.
  • 50/50:
  • Dear God, it’s based on the dude’s life.
  • And yes, Bryce Dallas Howard is Ron Howard’s very hot daughter.
  • Orcs Must Die, I guess:
  • Help Sean get cable. Call today.

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