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Gloria, NBC and the glamorous state of BS

Posted by David on August 11th, 2011

Nothing says glamor like getting roughed up by an old pervert.

Sounds like NBC has ruffled the feathers of pioneering women’s rights activist and wicked-righteous lady, Gloria Steinem. What’s Steinem upset at NBC about? The Playboy Club, a show about the original Chicago Playboy Club of the 1960′s. Steinem is calling for a boycott of the show, which I didn’t even know existed until Gloria Steinem’s name came up in a headline about it. Now I’m tempted to watch it just to see what I should be boycotting.

Steinem is citing inaccuracy as the main reason for the boycott, stating:

Clearly ‘The Playboy Club’ is not going to be accurate. It was the tackiest place on earth. It was not glamorous at all.

Clearly, Gloria didn’t watch this:

Murdering a guy certainly doesn’t seem glamorous to me, as hilarious as her jamming her heel in that old perv’s head is. This poor girl’s going to have to skip town because she murdered a gangster who, from what I can tell from the ninety seconds of this clip, was trying to rape her. How glamorous.

If anyone knows how terrible this environment is, it’s Gloria Steinem. After all, she infiltrated the jungle that was this club and came back with PTSD. This is her ‘Nam, and much like a ‘Nam, I wasn’t there, man. I’m sure the mere sight of bunny ears and cleavage sends Steinem into a series of flashbacks, only in this case, Charlie is a bunch of perverted drunks, lustily reaching for her ass.

Even without those vivid flashbacks, Steinem still has plenty of reasons to be upset, as NBC executives are insanely declaring that this show is about “empowering women”. Really? I thought it was just your lazy attempt at stealing some of Mad Men‘s thunder, and here you are blathering about empowering women? What about a dressing up as a scantily clad bunny empowers women, exactly? Is it the bunny ears or the bow tie?

In rather measured article from NPR, Linda Holmes points out,

…the Bunnies in the show have to ask permission to wear a coat when it’s cold outside and they’re working the door…

Jesus, that’s one step short of them having to ask when they can take a dump.

So, on one hand we have BS coming from Gloria Steinem, who by all rights hasn’t seen any more of the show than I have. What I’ve seen so far doesn’t seem that glamorous, but then again, I’m not the one calling for boycotts based on something I haven’t seen. On the other hand, we have BS coming from NBC about how this show is all about “empowering women”.

No matter which way you slice it, you know what both Steinem and NBC really care about? Your old pal money.

NBC’s just taking up the feminist angle in some moronic attempt to get more women to watch because they want improve the chances that this godawful show will be so much as a third as successful as Mad Men. If you like that, NBC, I’ve got a couple of shows to sell you. How about a gripping drama about zombie survival, or I don’t know, a meth-selling chemistry teacher?

Gloria Steinem, in an effort to appear ever-relevant before the release of her HBO documentary, Gloria: In her Own Words, is getting riled up about this dumb-ass irrelevant NBC show because she’s on a press junket and it’ll turn some heads. Clearly, it’s working, Gloria. My head is turned! Unfortunately, it’s turned toward the toilet, as I’ve got to go relieve myself of all of the bullshit I’ve consumed in researching this article.

Look, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with making money. The problem here is the ridiculous pandering both parties are taking part in so they can make some more. I’m sure plenty of people would’ve watched The Playboy Club and Gloria: In her Own Words for their own reasons, either way.

Again, I’ll quote NPR’s Linda Holmes,

Perhaps the good news is that we’ve now reached the point where it’s considered smart marketing to push a feminist spin on your show about Playboy Bunnies.

Good news, indeed. It’s just a shame that NBC and Steinem don’t actually respect women enough to consider them above shameless pandering. Keep in mind, this is coming from the guy who advocates bringing back the fun boob.

Both parties love the smell of their own shit, so why don’t they just team up? NBC can pay Gloria Steinem to bring in the gritty tackiness that she’s boycotting the show over, and as a result, they’ll drag in the legitimate feminist market they both crave. See folks, capitalism isn’t that hard, you’ve just got to be willing to compromise. Ask congress!

[Source: Reuters]

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