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HBO’s Game of Thrones Actually Kills Characters

Posted by Sean on June 22nd, 2011

No one enjoys seeing their favorite TV characters die unless they nobly sacrifice themselves to defeat an alien invasion, a horde of zombies, or an invasion of zombie aliens. Unfortunately for a main protagonist on HBO’s A Game of Thrones, being executed with your own sword does not fall under the noble sacrifice category, and some fans are quite angry. So angry, in fact, that they’re threatening to boycott the show out of spite. One fan, immediately before throwing his favorite toys out of his crib, said this:

“TV audiences need to invest in characters. Most of the other characters I don’t care much about. While the show will probably still appeal to the ‘wow’ crowd, its mass appeal just got beheaded.”

This is part of the reason why good drama is hard to find on TV. Too often, the viewing public expects a kind of bullet-dodging, stab-resistant, explosion-defying immortality of the characters they love. Any exceptions are so over-hyped that they might as well be sponsored by charity concerts. By the time it happens on-screen, the audience has already grieved and moved on! That’s not how drama is supposed to work.

The sense of loss and injustice being felt by the Game of Thrones audience? Those are real emotions. It doesn’t mean that they should go throw things at TV executives (unless it’s the ones that canceled Firefly). It’s a sign that HBO is producing good drama. And since I’d rather throw myself down a well than watch a single episode of Grey’s Anatomy, I’d prefer that HBO keep it up.

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]

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