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Hulu Plus Some Advertising

Posted by David on May 11th, 2011

Alec Baldwin, puppet for The Man

Last night I discovered that not only has Hulu Plus finally come to Xbox Live, it’s been here for 2 whole weeks and arrived with a free 1-month pass! Lured by the siren song of the hilarious wonder that is Parks and Recreation, I settled in to gawk slack-jawed at the screen to fill my body with beer and laughter.

Suddenly, something was wrong. A voice boomed over my sound system, “This Hulu presentation is brought to you with limited commercial interruption from…” I was confused… isn’t this a pay service? Don’t I pay for these things so I don’t get commercials? Netflix doesn’t have commercials, what is going on here? What kind of evil plot is this? My whining, entitled ass expected some interruption-free, High Definition streaming content, goddammit! Where is Hulu Plus Gold: Monocle Edition? I nearly wept like an wounded toddler.

In all seriousness, I’d gladly pay a premium for interruption-free, current shows, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Torrents may be hurting the industry by having the advantage of being free, but ultimately most people are like me: lazy. I’m happy to pay for you content, I just don’t want to leave my couch dent. Charge a premium, get out of the way, and roll around naked in my money.

Ads aside, Hulu Plus is pretty sweet. One subscription gets me equal access on all of my devices (much like Netflix, only with ads and fresher TV content), which allows me to be even lazier.

As things exist, if your priority is watching movies, you go with Netflix. I didn’t even know Hulu had movies, but they all seem to be documentaries about meth or sex for some strange, sexy reason.

Watch TV? Go with Hulu… unless you don’t mind waiting. Netflix still has an overall superior experience for TV watching, especially when stuffing your disgusting craw with shame-pizza and entire seasons of Hoarders in one sitting.

For now, I’m duel-wielding my options for content consumption, but I’m eagerly awaiting a better, more unified option. Whosoever manages to figure that out is having my lazy, lazy babies.


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