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Oh, good! My favorite! More ads!

Posted by David on June 10th, 2011

Online TV viewership is growing in leaps and bounds, and as a result, so are the number of ads being displayed during programs played online. As a person who has long avoided the scourge of advertising with a graceful combination of Adblock and skipping cable television altogether, it saddens me that soon, nearly all content we consume online will be encumbered by ad revenue. Isn’t anything pure anymore? You ad-whoring monsters! (Ed note- Click on our amazing ads to the right!)

Advertising executives (like Time Warner’s Jeremy Legg)¬†claim that they need to be “recapturing those eyeballs,” but whose eyeballs are advertisers actually looking to recapture?

As Kate Hooper, professional nanny says,

I usually just put up with it and I’ll take a break or go get food or something while the commercials are playing,

Yes, Kate, as do most people!

It would appear that advertisers have unwittingly paid to advertise products to the only people who either can’t move or don’t care enough to switch the channel: the elderly.¬†Finally, a chance to engage their actual target market: Everyone else! Congratulations, ad industry. You’ve finally broken through the grey, grossly-wrinkled glass ceiling. Pat yourselves on your scaly backs.

[Source: Google News]

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