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The National Nightmare is Over: Breaking Bad’s Final Season is Approved

Posted by David on August 15th, 2011

Jr. better walk down some hallways, Season 5

Despite Eric Vespe’s damning article on Ain’t it Cool News, AMC execs have seemingly pulled their heads out of their metaphorical asses long enough to renew Breaking Bad for its full, final season of 16 episodes. Of course, this wave of sensibility also means that I won’t be shoving their heads up their literal asses.

The thing I still don’t understand is how this was even up for debate in the first place. Previously, AMC went to the negotiation table with Matt Wiener, creator of Mad Men. This acrimonious process resulted in pissing, moaning, and ultimately, Mad Men being delayed until the Spring. Now, I know you’re trying to save money, AMC, but when you start trying to do so by taking a chisel to your crown jewels, you might want to make sure that your king hasn’t been lobotomized.

Unfortunately for Breaking Bad fans (affectionally referred to as “meth heads”), it’s starting to sound like they may make an attempt to bleed as much from the stone as they can, splitting the 16 episode run into two mini-seasons. The only thing I can imagine this would accomplish is allowing them to defer the cost of making the show, which seems unlikely, or giving Bryan Cranston the chance to win even more Emmys.

I said it before, you need to get rid of shows that suck. It’s simple. You don’t screw with the three shows that bring in both critical and audience approval (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead). As far as I’m concerned, Hell on Wheels, and The Killing are completely expendable. Hell, don’t even cancel them, just make them shoot nothing but bottle episodes until the creators hang themselves.

We know you’re crazy, AMC execs, but if you’re going to show us just how crazy, try to focus it in the direction of crap I don’t care about.

If the formula is working, you can’t really expect to remove key ingredients, or replace them with some random shit you found in a field and expect to get the same results. Imagine if Walt suddenly replaced a key ingredient in his meth recipe with, I don’t know, gallons of ball sweat. It may still be pure, but meth heads or not, folks are going to taste that ball sweat.

[Source: HitFix]

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