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“Work It” is a sign of the impending apocalypse.

Posted by David on August 8th, 2011

Work It, girl! Get a shotgun and shoot it, girl!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for America, the ABC Network adds to the list of things that, as a nation, fills us with an unnerving dread that threatens to strip us of what’s left of our national pride. In what must be a maelstrom of stupidity, ABC has decided to go full, screaming, pot-clanging retard with its new fall show, Work It.

If S&P wasn’t going to downgrade the country based on other things, it certainly would’ve had no other choice after watching this trailer for Work It:

Great. The nation thanks you. Assholes.

Look, I get it. Men dressed as women is funny! Television has a rich history of dudes dressing up as ladies with hilarious (and sexy) results. Hell, who doesn’t remember Bosom Buddies? Actually, I don’t. I wasn’t alive then, but I am aware of its existence. And of course, you had greats like Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and Kids in the Hall, but those were both sketch shows starring all men, so that’s to be expected. The thing is when they were dressed up like women, the words coming out of their faces were also funny. Not some inane stereotype of how the dipshit writers think women actually behave.

Worse still, this being one of the first shows released by ABC’s new president, Paul Lee, is just a terrible show, but a waypoint. An indicator of direction. A filthy truck stop along the highway to Craplantic City.

To add even more crap to this crap-fueled blaze, Mr. Lee is completely unapologetic. In fact, apparently this crap reduces him to a muttering infant, as he states, “Sometimes you pick up a pilot just because it absolutely makes you cackle with laughter, and that was the case with Work It”. As soon as he stopped sputtering, his assistant wiped the drool from his chin and handed him his sippy cup.

I’m guessing nobody cares about the direction this is taking ABC (because seriously, who gives a shit?), but shows like this are dragging television backwards as a viable source of media, while good comedies like Community, Louie, and Parks and Rec languish in the ratings. We deserve better, people, and the only way to make that clear is by supporting the stuff that doesn’t suck.

Ok, I’m a bit of a TV snob over here, I’ll admit it, but no matter which way you slice Work It, it’s shlock. I may be getting ahead of myself, but it hurts my feelings as a lover of television to see this sort of filth squeeze from the puckered anus of ABC. I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised, considering this is the network that brought us Cavemen, but you’d figure they’d have learned their lesson, because it’s an important one. Namely, that gimmicky, moronic shows haven’t worked since the 80′s unless they’re reality television.

Actually, you know what ABC? Make a reality television show where two guys dress up as women and get jobs at an ad agency, and I’ll watch it. It’ll save you money and be way funnier than the alternative, plus it’ll probably scar several people for life. That’s a win-win, ABC. You’ve got my total support.

[Source: Digital Spy]

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